Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Everything happens for a reason

Some days, I feel like I can't take it anymore (maybe I am just weak haha).

Then I remember that I've had many "Oh, so this is why some people say everything happens for a reason" realisations.

Next time I will blog about it and tag "everything happens for a reason", so that I can find encouragement to help me through tough times.

I'm more blessed than many people in the world, so I guess it's time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself.

Also (and I may regret this impulsive mention) sometimes I feel like sociopaths and psychopaths have it easy in life. They don't feel empathy, they don't feel pain. Sometimes caring too much is the most terrible thing that can ever happen.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Sharpening My Writing Chops

I've been working on this for some time already... Reading good copy to learn from brilliant writers,  but there never seems to be enough time and energy, and my brain doesn't absorb knowledge as fast as Scarlett Johananssen's character did in the Lucy movie. It'sa very, very frustrating uphill climb. So many different styles, topics, specialisations. I wonder how long it took my boss to reach the (super sky high) level she's at.

Monday, September 26, 2016

That Girl is so Pretty

How come I see so many pretty girls on my newsfeed, but when I look into the mirror.... So average ah? Looking into mirrors must be really wonderful experiences for them haha.

I just saw a girl's wedding pics on Facebook.  This girl... Since the the tender age of 13, has been very pretty. And with makeup and nice hair... Even prettier! She looks like a delicate fairy wtf why I cannot look like maybe even half-bred fairy?

#firstworldproblems aside, it really sucks to not one of The Chosen Ones who were born pretty with nice facial features and bodies. What did I NOT do to deserve the same? I'm not a nasty person and I haven't done anything  bad. In this life, at least.

And no, I'm not fishing for compliments.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I have a problem

And I can't stand it. Everything I do, say and write needs to go through a preemptive  "How would he/she/they respond". And it is so frustrating. Can't even explain it but sometimes I want to stab myself. And don't even say "you don't have to do this" coz you won't understand until you are in my shoes. Sometimes I wish that everyone, including myself are pre-programmed robots who all follow the same rules GOODNESS.

So easily irritated today. Fought the urge to kick a girl strutting in SLOW-MOTION at the mouth of the escalator. Later, a lady on the phone brushed past me and NEED TO KNOCK INTO MY SHOULDER SO HARD ANOT. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Enid Blyton and Naughty Stories.

When I was a kid, I loved Enid Blyton's stories, and I think I've read almost all, if not all her books (and she wrote hundreds!). Recently, I picked up a few to read (to re-live my youth) haha. And OMG everything seems so "wrong". She writes about naughty boys and girls getting spankings and punishments. And the way the dialogues take place. I want to laugh.

But that aside, I can see why her books are so.. magical somehow. Even though yeah. When she was living, lots of people didn't like her for being "a controversial woman". HA. The people who bashed her would  be shocked if they saw the world today.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Time for Skorts at Zalora SG!

Hey, you know... Dressing casual doesn’t mean you can’t look girly! Do you know what are skorts? Essentially, they are shorts that look like skirts. To give you a better visual image, the dictionary says that it’s “a pair of shorts with a flap across the front, and sometimes the back as well to make it look like a skirt”. And guess what, for those who are love to wear skirts but hate the possibility of “zhao gng” (accidental flashing), Zalora’s got the perfect solution! In a casual wear collection from many, many brands, you can find skorts of all styles and colours! Brands include The Tinsel Rack, MDS Collections, Moon River, Seoul in Love, and of course, Zalora and more – so take your pick!
As always, here are some that caught my eye. :)

BEGA (Side Overlap Skort -- Black)
Simple and chic, this one can’t go wrong – wear it with just about anything and you’re good to go. Featuring a side overlap design for a touch of style, this skort is perfect for looking fun and dress.

Sophialuv (Chloe Skorts In Spring Florals)
Here’s one for a fun, flirty look. It features a front flap panel and back zip. Plus, it comes with side pockets! :D

KLEEaisons (Skort With Waist Strap Tie)
If you’ve always envied those girls who have mastered the (almost impossible) art of layering, here’s a secret you can buy :P AND  this is made of cotton, so comfort is guaranteed! Comes in blue and navy colours.

The Tinsel Rack (Byron Buckle Skorts)
Get fiery with this pair.  This one has an inner lining, complemented with a buckle and concealed back zip. Comes in black and white colours too!

* Images Courtesy of Zalora SG

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Heaven is playing a cruel joke on me

I hope everyone is having fun watching the show. Glad to be of amusement. With all the restrictions in my life, someday I will regret not really LIVING. Well, I've already been feeling it since I was about 18. But this is really sinking in. Every time I want to do something, there is this element of risk. And I understand that people who love me will worry for me, and I have to keep them in mind for any decision I make. But what about myself.... I am human too. I have dreams, aspirations, desires. Chasing my dream would be selfish. And really... If shit's gonna happen, it will, even in my own home. I really wonder why I was born. One day I'm just going to sit in an empty house (ALONE) and my neighbours will smell a bad smell - and yay that's my life. No dreams, no love, no friends - maybe a few work achievements in my LinkedIn account.

DAMN I ALWAYS HAVE PHASES LIKE THIS. Because I'm really... not allowed to do anything (as ridiculous as that sounds coming from a soon-to-be-30 woman).  It'e been making me sad for years and years and years already.

And this year, I thought I saw a bright spark. HA.


Even my toes are laughing.

I should have known there is no hope for me.

And if I die in Singapore, right here where everything is SAFE, I think my spirit will cry and flood the whole of hell/heaven.

If I die early, I hope my friends will make my ashes into jewellery/key chains and bring it along with them when they go travelling. And yes, I know I mentioned this somewhere before. I'm getting old, after all - legend says that old people love to repeat their words :P

Ok bye gonna watch Travelougues on Youtube. With all the money I saved from not travelling, I could really buy a projector and screen videos on my wall. Or buy virtual reality glasses and a treadmill and a programme with such sights. Yeah, mentioned before, too. Please excuse me, I'm 30 years old. 

I've got a dream!

I've got a dream for a looooong long time already. I've probably mentioned it somewhere in this blog or my old one. Sometimes, my dream, seems soooo sooooo far away that I just think "oh, forget it" and stop hoping an chasin Sometimes I feel bitter about it. Sometimes I'm brimming with hope. Other times I'm just resigned to my fate, and countdown to end of life HA.

You know the biggest problem with dreams? It usually involves stepping out of your comfort zone. It involves courage, adventure, and so much more. That's when you get naysayers, obstacles (both internal and external), blah blah blah.

Rapunzel had a dream! To see the world! Just like me! Disney movies always give people false hopes HA. I don't know why I still love them so much. 

And I feel like I'm quite smart these days HA. Well, many years ago my friends did shed the same advice, but I guess, many years ago I was just a thick block. You know (yes, ridiculous now that I'm almost 30), what is the best way to be able to go on holiday with friends?

Don' say " can I go Hong Kong with my friends?". Instead, say "I'm going to Hong Kong with my friends". The slight tweak in words can make a whole lot of difference HAHAHA. I wish I used this strategy when I was younger and had more friends! These days, people are busy with married life, kids, buying new houses that there's so little time for "girls outings". I just wish I saw more of the world when I was younger, and now it seems like it's too late.

Then again, this year, I did manage to do some things that my closest friends were like OMGGGG. To you, reader, these are gonna seem like child's play. But hahaha.. To people who REALLY know me, it's like Neil Armstrong "Making A Giant Leap".

1) I managed to go on holiday with my friends
2) I went Kayaking
3) I went Ice-skating!

So what's next on my THRILL-SEEKING list, huh?